We’ve come a long way! Review of 2010

Who’d have thought at the beginning of the year that I would end 2010 knee deep in murals. What started off as a concern about lack of information about pieces and the decaying states of London’s murals, was encouraged to become a project which would aim to get people involved whether that be  the artists, the locals and anyone else who might just find paintings on walls rather interesting!

This year has seen the gathering of various materials about London’s murals. Information which is currently scattered across London is starting to become available in one place. Several files and folders of informationl wait to be sorted and made available online.

Many more people across London have been introduced to London’s remaining murals. The original artists have been found and the future holds the opportunity for their accomplishments to be broadcast whether via website, blog, walks or talks.

Locals have told not just the stories of the murals but about the area and the time – so that the history is not just about the painting but the surroundings and situations.  Groups have come forward to say that they want their murals saved. And around the world similar mural preservers and recorders have found us or us them. London murals will have more recognition outside the city.

And in the name of preservation, some trees got cut down. Brixton’s mural Nuclear Dawn is no longer being damaged by a tree!! So although there are many good things that have happened, there is much work to do!

We need to keep pulling together the research.  We need to find out how we can go about saving London’s remaining murals. This will only happen through people power! This means you and me finding out what it would take to put the picture back on the wall.  Many of the artists are happy to put the pieces back up there and many locals are happy to have them back but the bit in the middle is the struggle!

So these are some of next year’s challenges. With increase interest in murals coming from projects like The Whitechapel Art Gallery’s Reclaim the Mural and the arrival of Washington’s Mural Locator, it might be that 2011 is the year of the mural!

If you want to give us a hand, then email londonmurals@yahoo.co.uk

I look forward to hearing from you!

About londonmuralpreservationsociety

The London Mural Preservation Society aims to bring murals created over the last 40 years back into the attention of the people of London and out further afield into the rest of the UK and the world.
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3 Responses to We’ve come a long way! Review of 2010

  1. Sam Roberts says:

    Nice work, I hope all goes well for 2011 and beyond. As ever, shout if you need any help/advice.

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  3. mORGANIC says:

    Bravo! Great stuff, so glad you are doing this. well done all involved… (^%

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