Mural of the Month! The Battersea Puzzle

Lets go back… back in time to the beginnings of this blog. In the second post we mentioned that the Battersea Puzzle mural was at risk ( back in July 2010 when I was a little bit younger and certainly a  lot less wiser about murals!). Well, back in September the piece turned the grand old age of 30.  Looking pretty worn, enough of it is still there to hint at the different local stories recorded in this piece. There are still plans for it to be pulled down and we know the church got planning permission back in late 2011. However, it’s still standing for the time being.  So catch it before it goes!

Here’s the whole piece. A bit of a pain to photograph!

It reflects a lot of things that were happening locally, cuts to libraries and facilities and the disappearing local industries which were leading to unemployment.

It also reveals a bit of the history of the church as the old building on the site had been destroyed in a fire. The vicar is portrayed standing amongst the ruins.

The vicar was one of the people involved in making the mural happen. It fell to the Wandsworth Art Resource Project to make the piece a reality. The mural was designed by Christine Thomas with Brian Barnes assisting on some areas of painting.

The mural features a giant broom and is in reference to Brian’s earlier mural: Battersea, the good, the bad and the ugly – postcard picture below.

So this mural has more than it’s fair share of interesting things to look at. Probably the only mural with a dog taking a pee in it!!

So please people, go and have a look at this mural before it goes. More details about location and the background to the mural is here!


Other Murals “of the month” local to this piece include:

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3 Responses to Mural of the Month! The Battersea Puzzle

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  3. Jakob says:

    The priest on the mural is my dad – he was curate at St Peter’s at the time. Just out of shot to the left in that photo is my mum; she’s on the mural holding a baby. Sadly this wasn’t me, as I was born about six months after the mural was finished!

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