Restoring the Brixton Windmill Mural – The Progress So Far! (Part 1)

March 2012 and news just in; we have got the funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund to go ahead and restore the Brixton Windmill Mural! To fill the readers in on a bit of the background, sometime in 2011, Vinnie O’Connell from the New Leaf, Charlotte Bill from the Clapham Film Unit and myself (Ruth Miller) from the London Mural Preservation Society met up to discuss the possibility of restoring the mural and creating a short film about Brixton’s murals. Pulling in the people we knew who could help deliver the outcomes, an application was worked on by Charlotte which would eventually lead to the Heritage Lottery Fund granting us the money.

So firstly, let’s take a look at what the mural looked like. Poor old thing has seen better days.

Lets see what has happened so far.

The first part of restoring the mural is to get the scaffolding up. So here are the people to do the job:

And here they are starting work  – one pole at a time! Say goodbye to the old mural!

Scaffolding up! And it’s a two storey structure. Children can work at ground level and adults on the other floors!

Eye spy, the plasterer’s have arrived. That’s one big crack to fill in, right through the centre of the mural!

And what a crack-er of a job they do!!

Next up, the team from Positive Arts, the community art group who will be painting the mural, start tracing the lines of the old painting. Here’s Julian with a fat marker and a mural to mark!

Next up  -some primer and stabliser. Lets get the best wall for painting!

First coat done! Markers at the ready to re-trace the lines.

Lines being drawn back in. Nearly time for the next coat.

And the murals gone again -coat number two covers the lines, just leaving a shadow for another few hours of putting the lines in place.

So that’s kind of where we are at. Once the surface is prepared then the fun starts (well, fun if you like painting!).

Fancy having a go? Well, the project will be hosting public painting days. Please see dates below:

Saturday 19th May – 12pm-5pm

Sunday 20th May 12pm -5pm

Tuesday 22nd May 4pm-9pm

Thursday 24th May 4pm-9pm

Saturday 26th May 12pm-5pm

The mural is located on Lyham Road, SW2. Come along, learn to use a spray can, make a mark on the mural and get involved in creating a future artwork!!

Want more info? Drop us an email –

Big thanks to Vinnie for the use of his photos!

About londonmuralpreservationsociety

The London Mural Preservation Society aims to bring murals created over the last 40 years back into the attention of the people of London and out further afield into the rest of the UK and the world.
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5 Responses to Restoring the Brixton Windmill Mural – The Progress So Far! (Part 1)

  1. Duckypooos says:

    This is so wonderful.

  2. Sam Roberts says:

    What a result, good luck with the public events, I’ll inform followers of ghostsigns about this inspiring initiative. Bravo!

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