Mural of the Month! Floyd Road Mural

If you have ever taken the train from London Bridge, through Woolwich and onto Gillingham, you might have noticed a mural whizzing past just as the train leaves the station at Charlton. If you are like me, you might have taken note of the location and come back for a look at a later date. What you will have discovered is one of London’s oldest murals from its community murals period. The piece is known as the Floyd Road mural and it was painted in 1976 by the Greenwich Mural Workshop.

Floyd Road Mural

Floyd Road Mural

The piece shows how the local community stopped the houses being bulldozed.

Stopping the diggers

Stopping the diggers

Many people from the area are featured in the painting. They were also involved in helping with its execution.

Local People

Local People

The piece remains in good condition and seems to be much loved by the residents of Charlton.

Door detail

Door detail

To visit the mural, take a train from London Bridge to Charlton. From the train station, take a right and head up Charlton Church Lane. Cross the road and take the first left. This is Floyd Road. Follow the road around. The mural is located on the corner of Floyd Road and Valley Grove.  Please take a look at this lovely mural!


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